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Industry News: Dim to warm ceiling lamp


What is Dim to Warm?

Lumenpulse's Dim to Warm is an embedded control technology that reduces a luminaire's colour temperature when dimmed, allowing for smooth dimming of warm white light, from 2700K to 2200K.

With Dim to Warm the colour temperature warms as it dims, offering instant, easy ambiance that replicates the natural, familiar feeling of incandescent-style dimming - with modern performance and flexibility.

Dim to Warm also offers exceptional colour rendering consistency (CRI 83+ and up), ensuring that colours always look the way they should, even when luminaires are dimmed.

How Does Dim to Warm Work?

Dim to Warm uses a predefined dimming curve to simulate the natural dimming of an incandescent lamp - meaning not even the toughest restaurant critics will notice.

The technology requires no additional programming, allowing standard, existing 0-10V dimmers to provide sophisticated control and natural dimming. Dim to Warm technology is also compatible with standard DMX protocol, using only 1 channel.

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