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2015, the true and false of LED industry peak season

Recent LED companies especially the listed company, the capital market to confront performance all-time red, as the unity of the lighting and lighting market, each big enterprise executives have said product market popular platform, performance is bullish, industry development prospects.
These as a kind of propaganda and promotion strategy seems to be right.Is really false flourishing flourishing, industry people who don't know?
Individual phenomenon Don't point to covering
LED industry peak performance on the enterprise's expansion, increase production and increase the channels to expand the depth and width, the most common is to expand product lines, to accelerate the products on the quantity.Support this kind of situation need to have enough market consumption, that is to say the digestive ability of the market to be equal to or greater than the enterprise production capacity, in this case, is the true sense of the selling season.In terms of the current market conditions, absolutely not the word "season".
If the word must be hard on the market, I can only say it's a brand that season season rather than the entire industry.
On the one hand, the dealer is to brand management, but because of the continuous cooling of the real estate industry, consumers purchase channel diversity, plus marketing, management, service means the lag and led to the current lighting stores the actual sales is not ideal.
Although again for dealers to brand management, but due to the current environment influence and purchase channel selection diversity, combined with the lag of marketing, management and service means that led to the current lighting stores the actual sales far less decent written, so inventory, goods become the norm.In addition, the price war to become distributors deal with junk and outdated products of choice.
Channels, on the other hand, although some enterprises expand faster, revenue improved, but the vast majority of the company sales in the face of the numerous difficult and problem.In terms of the current market conditions, definitely not "season", even "slow".This would require the dealer and enterprises don't point to covering jump to "season" theory, when faced with judgment and choose to see the situation.
Need to actively cope with rational regression
The current rapid development of e-commerce, the traditional channels are still dominant position but was powerless to resist.Now is not a traditional lighting era is not LED era, but alternate both times.Order while still in the molding, consolidation, run and eliminate become the norm in lighting industry, can enter the "season" under the normal state enterprises and dealers must "SanDong" : understand the market, understand the dealers, understand customers.
Lighting companies need to prepare the "official" at the same time do a good job in the actual sales don't put the cart before the horse.So, rather than confuse in the peak season, seize the key, assist dealers implement good existing policy.
On LED industry in 2015 season has arrived in February, we can only say that a brand season spring instead of the entire industry, more is not the victory of the lighting market, hope to focusing on lighting lighting enterprises demands and changes of the market, not to revise the publicity shy away from sales and production needs to confront problems!
Return of rationality in industrial way of thinking, is the industry healthy and stable development of the necessary psychological basis.