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Diversified development brings new opportunities and challenges on LED lighting

After 2014 years of good harvest, from the first half of 2015, LED lighting industry can be said to be half flame and half water,  this year has a lot of led projects, but also an unprecedented pressure of competition, LED lighting market continued expansion, mergers and acquisitions, all reflect the LED enterprise in the face of changing market response. For LED enterprises, blind development is not a way out, but according to the capacity expansion of the market and clients who hold degree to expand the scale of the enterprise's capacity and considerations for merger and acquisition strategy.
At the same time, the LED lighting market homogeneity problem is particularly acute in 2015, and even affect the pour degradation development of LED industry to a certain extent.Clock conditions have different views to this, the homogeneity on the one hand, for the LED enterprises with independent intellectual property rights is a challenge, is also an opportunity, for LED lighting enterprise, if can stick to a good quality, can solid "internal strength" style, the quality of the LED product homogeneity integrated adjustment is only temporary, the next stage, regarding the quality of the brand, LED products in the future there must be a normal and healthy development prospects.
In the lighting market, the LED industry can not be completely changed the lighting industry development alone, at the same time, the development of LED lighting for a fundamental impact on the traditional lighting also, on the one hand is the updating and upgrading products, on the other hand is the development of LED lighting more deeper into the concept of the Internet.Is now promoting city wisdom, intelligent lighting and LED lighting is bound to become wisdom a powerful fulcrum, infiltrate the wisdom of the city development, brings to the lighting industry and the ecological environment of the whole society to change.
With the diversified development of leds, LED plants in intelligent lighting, lighting, medical lighting lighting segment markets such as the rise of the impact to the traditional lighting, make a more precise definition of segmentation lighting, clock, always gyu lighting in a steady development in several areas, to develop some of the associated marginal areas, your market segment do good at deeper and more thorough, and be able to participate in the emerging LED segments when.