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The LED lighting market of Europe

In 2000, the high power LED and white LED products, into the outdoor lighting market.Incandescent lamp gradually withdraw from the European market in 2009, energy saving lighting products began to enter the European consumers to buy single, LED lighting products into the market.In September 2012, the eu energy policy framework to ban incandescent bulbs on the market, only allowed to energy-efficient light bulbs on the market, including: A, B and C halogen lamp, LED1 lamp and A kind of compact fluorescent lamps (or low energy lamps), including halogen lamps will gradually withdraw from the market since 2016.
Despite the current LED lamp lighting market share in Europe is still not high, but according to the European lighting association estimates that LED lighting market will continue to grow, stable until 2020, when the, LED lighting is expected to occupy the vast majority of market share.Development of LED lighting is mainly thanks to several major advantages: one is the European lighting policy changes, such as, replace incandescent lamp delisting, halogen, etc.Second, because of the influence of economy and environment situation, European countries gradually increase in energy efficiency requirements, for example, in 2020, all new buildings must be low energy buildings, etc.Three is due to the sharp drop low cost, especially the LED chip packaging cost is reduced, and the mass production of LED lighting products from China price decline.